Sunday, November 28, 2010

History of Malsisar Village

Malsisar village is located  22 Km. from Bhadra Tehsil. Malsisar is a small village. Its one of the beautiful village in Rajasthan with a nice history. People used  to visit  here regularly because of  a famous Temple here. The villagers have farms and their living depends on the agriculture. It is near of the Gogameri which have famous temple of Jaharveer Goga ji. Here you can see a mixed touch of both Haryana and Rajasthan because the village is situated on the border of the states. Heare are mixup cultural of Punjab and Haryana.You can feel a very traditional touch here and the people they are innocent and strongly beleaves in hospitality.

The way of leaving is pure traditional and natural.People are growing the crops, fruits and vegetables in their own fields and consume them. They are not dependent on todays modern facilities for their daily leaving  in spite of that they are living a peaceful  and healthy life. They are leaving a natural life and also inspire others for the same. There's lots more about this small village u can only experience the taste only after visiting . Visit once and the memories will remain forever ...............................